FinalBout SSW


Well first of all I want to say a big thanks to everyone that came by and said hi to us at Finalbout.  LOTS of new faces and some really old ones!  Secondly a big shout out to the guys that put the event one, Simba , Illa and the rest of the crew, you guys did an amazing job!


Let’s go back about 6 months to when the team first heard that Finalbout was coming to the west coast. The team took one look at each other and we all decided this is an event we really NEEDED to do.


Now the fun part.  Not one of the cars at this point was remotely close to being ready.  None of us had motors in the car.  Marc was working with a fresh rebuild on the new motor.  Ian was swapping from V8 to RB25, Gaelen was just getting started on tubing the front of his car.


Thankfully we’re all very passionate about drifting and stubborn about missing good events.  The push was on!


Oh and in the midst of this Gaelen was busy with organizing and putting on NissanFest and Ian was trying to get the car ready early to compete on the team he was a part of for that event.


Came down to the wire (and painting the cars 2 nights before we had to leave) but with LOTS of help from our great friends we managed to get the cars loaded and away on time and on schedule!


We arrived saturday afternoon in great time.  After unpacking at our campsite for the weekend and applying our team/sponsor vinyl it was time to sit down and relax a bit before we headed over to Xccessive Manufacturing for the BBQ they were hosting for us.

2/3 Midnighters!

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Both Gaelen and Marc had permits for the cars so they decided it would be fun to drive them out to the BBQ.  (NOTE: Gaelen hadn’t driven the car in 8 months except for on and off the trailer, or had an alignment)



Sunday morning we woke up, set our pit area up and started to talk as a team about how the day was going to go.  This was marcs second time in his car in 3 years, Gaelen’s first time since rebuilding the front end, and Ian’s first time with the new powerplant.


We decided it was good to take it easy the first few laps, give each other some space and make sure the cars lasted the day.  Who’s taking bets  right?


Well…. Gaelen was the first one to break.  In True Gaelen fashion it was the transmission.  Who needs 2nd gear on a fully 2nd gear track?  So after some discussion Josh brought up a brilliant idea displayed above.  Use two trailers to make a makeshift pit to work in.


While that was going on Marc and Ian were tearing up the track in typical fashion making Gaelen very envious of their reliable transmissions!


With Gaelen Back in action it was time to do some team tandem with all 3!



With Finalbout over and ParcBash on it was time for a little fun before we had to pack up and head back north to our home of Canada.
Ian had a few tires left and even less amounts of e85 so we knew he was going to be headed out after about half a day but the rest of us kept it going until mid afternoon just having a blast!