Ian Fournier



Hey everyone, my name is Ian Fournier and I have been drifting for 6 years, and driving pro in Formula D for 3 years.  Obviously I didn’t start at this level, so lets go back to the start. I Grew up in Cultus Lake B.C as a beach bum and life was awesome and the winter was even better.  I always had something to do with a motor, whether it be snowmobiling or dirt biking I was hooked.   After I got a bit older my dad starting letting me work on his Camaro from then on it was love with cars.

When it was time for me to get my own car I was stuck in muscle cars, so what did I buy but a 1992 Ford Mustang!! I drove that for a bit until it scared me at 15 and I put it in the ditch, my dad then said he will trade me his MRK 2 supra till I could handle the power.  I drove it for a while, did the normal thing like lower it and do a Rabidchimp Intake and exhaust( MRK2 guys will now them). This is the first car I started to slid around untill I met a friend that slid around a AE86, seeing that the MRK 2 supra was not the best chassie to compete in so I ended up getting my own corolla and started to slid it around. Being pretty low on power and a tired motor I decided to buy a fresh red top with cams and pretty much everything Techno Toy Tunning sells. It instantly became an amateur drifter!

I had been working as a mechanic for a year or so at The Skyline Shop when my corolla was stolen! Never being found my corolla was long gone( probably the saddest day of my life) this is when my boss at the time had then offered me the opportunity to get a skyline! This is something I had never imagined being able to get so I jumped on it, paying for half of a skyline was a huge sponsorship and I was so happy, but sadly we had to wait for the one I wanted to come in. In the mean time I had bought a S13 started my Nissan obsession that I did not know would change my life! Falling in love with the torqueiness of the KA and balanced chassis I almost forgot about my skyline on the way, so I welded the diff, bought some stance coil overs, and a huge exhaust and drifted the crap out of it for the remainder of the season.


Then this came in!! Was so excited for this, and right away started with a 2 way, coil overs,exhaust and a boost controller. I ran this at our local events for about half a year to get use to it and build it to where I wanted it for a amateur car. I then started to compete in Evergreen speedway and was actually doing quit well, normally placing in the top 4!




During the 2009 season Formula D held a Pro/am competition. In this event me and Victor Moore both finished in the top 3, earning a invite to Irwindale speedway for the Formula D Pro/Am Championships.


It was a tough batter with me actually having my first crash in my first qualifying run, fixing it quick then qualifying 2 on my second run!!! As the battles dwindled down I ended up placing 3rd and getting my invite to  Irwindale Speedway for the Pro/Am nationals. The top 16 drivers in this competition would then get there Pro Formula D license.


The Event really woke me up to the talent pool of  North America! Never driving with people from the south was a blast, there all so good being able drive all year round. Through this event I had a lot of challenges and being faced up against Chealsea Denofa and Mike Pollard. I was so pumped on 1st, qualifying in the top 16 and getting my Pro licence and 2nd, making to the final round against  Mike Pollard. I had a Hard battle in the first run following him but kept up! then in the second with me leading I ended up tapping the second iside wall and behind me Mike had hit the wall and knocked him out of drift! giving me the Win and making me the Formula D Pro/Am Nationals Champion!!! it was ridicules.  It was also my Birthday weekend and we went to Disneyland so it was the best weekend of my life!


In 2010 (now looking back) I had rushed into it, I had an under powered car and budget that was to laugh at. Being a privateer is one of the hardest things, not only are you struggling with the under skilled and under built car but always worrying about being able to afford the next event. Driving with the Extreme talent pool of Formula D helps so much with building you skill level, always being pushed to the limit was my favorite experience. After my first event in Long beach I had not qualified but still picked up a major sponsor with FATLACE! The rest of the season didn’t go as well as hoped except for Irwindale of course which is when I made into the top 8!!!


After Struggling in Formula D for a season I ended up continuing a sponsorship with Fatlace and in return, me getting a VK56 V8 out of the Nissan Titan and a G35 6 speed transmission. This with a Vortech Supercharger on a stock  motor with a Haltech sport 1000 ECU makes a whopping 520hp/500ft-lbs, making this car a rocket to drift and better yet a lot more competitive in Formula D.


In Formula D you need at least 100 points to continue holding your spot as a pro driver for the following season. Seeing as my 2012 season didn’t go as planned, this season I am going to be stepping back from Pro to Pro/Am to re license at the Evergreen Drift Pro/Am series.

I would like to thank all my sponsors  The Independent Speed Shop, Enjuku Racing, Vortech Superchargers, Falken Tires, Drivers Edge, Im-vee. I would also like to thank Big Boy Media for the opportunity to tell my side of the pro/am experience this season and of course ALL OF YOU!! Fans are the heart of this sport and with you guys none of this would be possible so thanks!!

Thanks again guys,

Ian Fournier